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Why Linear Home Loans?

Linear Home Loans has access to extremely competative rates, and we can help make the process of financing a home fast and easy.

With Linear Home Loans you get:

  • Great rates and fast closings
  • An easy to understand process
  • A strict "No Steering" policy, assuring that you get the right home loan
  • Personalized support
  • Experienced and trusted Mortgage Experts


Our mortgage bankers are Registered Rate Mastery members that have direct access to the following tools to stay informed and protect our clients:


  • Live trading charts with fundamental and technical analysis to stay ahead of major market movements that affect mortgage interest rates.
  • Real-time trading alerts and breaking news on the underlying securities that drive interest rates sent directly to our mobile devices for immediate access to potential rate changes.

I’m armed with information to help my consumers understand rate movements in order to avoid unexpected surprises during the loan process.

Whether you're new to homeownership or a seasoned pro, Linear Home Loans has built a smooth and seamless process, enhanced by our paperless technology that enables us to close loans faster than the average industry turn-times. 

Let our Mortgage Experts at Linear Home Loans help you secure the best possible loan and fulfill one of the most important transactions of your life.