"It's been pretty busy around our house as we've been preparing for the next phase of remodeling. Thank you Don for helping us get the finances we needed to make this happen. I really appreciated the financial insights and updates you provided to me along the way. I also enjoyed the conversations we had about our daughters, family, and faith. Some of my friends wondered why I went through a broker instead of a direct lender. Simple answer: because I have an awesome broker! I also want to thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my birthday last month, and for the unexpected Starbucks gift card."

Paul Mirra
Highland, CA

"I recently refinanced my house with Linear Home Loans in Laguna Hills, CA. I purchased my first house in 1978, and over the past nearly 40 years, I have probably completed a dozen or so home loans, either for purchase or refinance. So I consider myself an experienced "buyer" of home loans. Based on this experience, I must say that Linear Home Loans is absolutely the best company I have ever dealt with for a home loan. And I cannot imagine any loan agent being any better than Madeline Lam and her team. From the very first telephone contact, she was on my side, providing me not only with the immediate rate information I wanted, but she also provided insight into the current trends in home-loan interest and where I could go to track them myself. After shopping around a bit more (I always do that, but not necessary in the future), I returned to tell Madeline that I had decided to work with Linear. She immediately got started, suggesting things I could do to make sure the loan process went smoothly. During the time I worked with her, she was always three steps ahead of the process, helping me to take steps that would avoid problems before they ever arose. The bottom line is Madeline was a refreshing change from any loan agents I had ever dealt with (even though I have had a few good ones in the past), she was friendly, informative, proactive, and smart; and in addition, Linear also gave me the best loan terms I had encountered in my shopping around. And the other bottom line is that, even though she was able to get me a 45 day lock on my loan terms, we were able to close the deal in just over 30 days. This is the place for one-stop shopping!"

Culver City, CA

Don Boop was very responsive to questions we had for him and worked hard (he arranged a notary to come on Christmas Eve) to close our loan prior to the end of the month which saved us an entire month's worth of interest. Don was transparent about the process and provided frequent updates.

Ceres, CA

Great teamwork to help me with my VA refinance! Found Don and his team through Zillow and at first I wasn't sure what to expect but Don made me feel comfortable when explaining the process for me. Through his careful planning and a little luck, Don and his team held out on locking in my rate before the market started going up. I lowered my mortgage over a point which translated into big savings long term. I did a straight refinance with no money out so I was able to save about $300 a month on my mortgage P&I and escrow. There was relatively minimal paperwork that I had to turn in and he managed to defer my next payment for a month so I was super happy with the outcome. The whole time I was dealing with Don he always thanked me for my service in the Navy and genuinely seemed like he had my best interest in mind especially when he returned my calls/e-mails and made himself available at critical times in the process during after hours. I went with them because my (service) federal credit union had offered like a 0.75 much higher rate, took forever to get back to me, and kept passing me around client specialists delaying a possible lock in rate I was monitoring through the news. Don and his team helped me get through the process pretty quick. After all the random letters telling me to refinance, I finally gave in to the process and right now I am sure glad I chose these guys because the outcome worked out in my favor.

David B.
San Diego, CA

It was a very positive experience, due to my work schedule the night shift. It was hard for me to have correspondence during normal hours. Don(Linear home Loans) and staff were available constantly and answered any questions I had promptly. It made for a very smooth and seamless refinance. I would definitely recommend Linear Home Loans to anybody for their loan needs. Thank

San Mateo, CA

Thanks a bunch, my dear friend! We can't thank you enough for what we accomplished together! That was hard, but we did it! I wish I met people like you everywhere I go. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Aleks and Zina
Encino, CA

Hello, I just refinanced the mortgage on our house through Linear Home Loans and they were just as they advertised, professional, polite and informative. We started on August 26 and we just signed the final loan documents on September 16, that is fast. I have to commend Mr. Don Boop and his staff for such an efficient operation. I would highly recommend Liner Home Loans. -Mike Matthew

Anaheim, CA

Absolutely superior, worry-free service is why this is the 3rd time we’ve used Don Boop, his assistant Chris and the rest of the team at Linear Home Loans. And we will continue to do so, without hesitation. When it comes to our mortgage, my family and I value honesty, integrity, financial security, stability and Don & his crew are who we continually trust. The professionals at Linear Home Loans consistently surpass and soar above all expectations and always lock in the lowest rates in town. These guys are very professional and down to earth, highly seasoned & talented, real family people who ‘get it’ – they understand your situation, tailor the perfect loan to meet your needs and will do right by you every step of the way. We were able to completely relax as they did an immense amount of work for us behind the scenes – completely piloted our loan process from beginning to end with amazing results yet again. Linear Home Loans is the optimal resource for a mortgage loan - we trust them for so many reasons. I’ve already referred them to a few of my co-workers at CBS Studios and without question we wouldn’t use anyone else. These guys are A++ Bill Los Angeles, CA P.S. (For the avoidance of doubt – yes, I am a real customer & didn’t receive a penny for writing the above- from our 3 awesome experiences (original loan & 2 refinances) , these guys are legit).

Bill B.
Los Angeles, CA

HONESTY, Integrity, very ethical & not to mention extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE - and these guys at Linear Home Loans PRODUCE GREAT RESULTS - they are very 'tapped in' to the mortgage market, know their business above everyone else and are EXPERIENCED - have been locking in mortgages for people for a very long time. You can TRUST these people. They are really good, decent people. A HUGE extra shout-out to one of their star players - Don Boop, a stand-up guy with integrity who genuinely cares for his customers and truly wants the best for them - he takes pride in his work and only wants to deliver them premium results. My family and I could go on and on singing only praises for this company who truly did right by us - not just once but twice. We bought our first home 10 months ago in Los Angeles - the entire transaction (everything EXCEPT for their finance piece which was a breeze) became one nightmare after another (an understatement) with the transaction. Everyone involved in or knew of the transaction have said they've never seen anything like it in their entire careers. Any other loan company would have run for the hills (the deal was pretty much dead and we had to get lawyers involved), but Don Boop and his crew hung in there for those few months as we continued our negotiations with the seller (even when the deal headed south fast), Linear remained available to us by keeping our financing in place - kept it positive & kept us calm and patient as my family and I tried to work things out. A Greater power was certainly looking over us, for Linear Home Loans was sent to us when we needed them. They helped us through it and stayed with us all the way. The second time they did right by us was nine months after our purchase & move (a glorious day because it had been such an ordeal), Linear dropped me a line and said they believed they could get rid of our PMI if we wanted to consider refinancing (we were throwing away about $300 a month because we didn't have that 20% down). I wasn't tracking the rates and it didn't even occur to me. THEY came out of the woodwork to HELP US (again). Refinancing sounded complicated, but like the original loan paperwork process we had, I just gave them everything they requested and they walked us through it. EASY. COURTEOUS. RESPONSIVE! yes, they are busy (because everyone wants to use them- in fact they just closed some loans for some friends), they're busy, but they get back to you ASAP. If you want to breeze through the loan process with no hassle AND get the best rate, LINEAR HOME LOANS. We'll always remember Linear & Don as a positive experience we'll forever be grateful for. We will never use anyone else. Good luck on your purchase, Bill

Tarzana, CA

My wife and I have re-fied our home twice with your company and Madeline Lam was our agent each time. She is so pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable that it is a pleasure to do business with her. She makes herself available to answer any questions and does so thoroughly. She never gets upset even if we ask the same questions more than once. Once again, she is our favorite and we will refer any customers to her!

August & Annamae K.
Monterey Park, CA

Excellent service from start to finish. Very patient with me when I made mistakes or forgot to include a form.

Pasadena, CA

Madeline Lam from Linear Home Loans handled all of our loan needs. Madeline was so helpful and knowledgeable, she always took the time to explain any details & made sure we understood & were completely comfortable. I highly recommend Madeline & Linear Home Loans for the best rates & a simple loan process.

Alhambra, CA

I personally Thank you all and your team for working so hard to complete this transaction. Betsy Burkey and Don Boop, you both become my favorites and stars. Thanks!

Louis A.
Riverside, CA

I have worked with Don for years. They are the only ones I trust with doing my loans. He is quick, responsive and always competitive rates. You can't beat him!

Al Brown
Huntington Beach, CA

I worked with Don Boop to refinance my home and he was the BEST! I am not the best with "all those details" but Don answered all my endless questions and made the whole experience painless, not to mention the great interest rate. I would definitely recommend Don and Linear Home Loans

Beverly Glen, Los Angeles, CA

The best in the business. Our loan was fairly complicated and Don and Madeline and their staff were extremely knowledgable and responsive. I would highly recommend Linear Home Loans. They are the pros!

Rancho Murrieta, CA

Linear Home Loans is a great place for loans. We are done many mortgage loans with different companies and have found that Linear Home Loans is simply the best in terms of efficiency, rates and terms, personal care, and willingness to accommodate your demands. Both Don Boop and Madeline Lam are great persons to work with.


Don and the group made the experience very easy and seamless. They were clear on the documentation that was needed so we didn't have to go back and forth several times to get everything that was needed. They kept me updated on the progress of the loan and what was being done to drive it to closure. They made sure that the signing of the closing documents where scheduled around what worked best for us.

Portola Hills, CA

It has been an extreme pleasure working with Don Boop at Linear Home Loans. He is very knowledgeable as a broker and I trust his judgement implicitly. I have completed 5 loans with his company and the last three loans I told him I would leave it to his judgment when to lock my rate. I trust him that much because he looks after his clients best interest. I would not even think about using any other firm for my purchase loans or refinance loans. They advertise in the Los Angeles Times along with their competitors and their fees are low and can easily be viewed and compared with others offering higher costs. This is how I originally came to find Linear Home Loans. All the office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I have used them for the past 4 years.

Kathy Y.
Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, CA

I refinanced during the terrible times when you had to submit paperwork beyond belief. Madeline Lam was most helpful and responsive in helping to alleviate some of the problems and stress. She really knew what she was doing. She even assisted when an appraisal of the property came in with 20 errors on it and got the price reduced due to those errors. This office was well organized and the personnel responsible. I would use them again

West Park, Irvine, CA

Madeline Lam of Linear Home Loans in Huntington Beach exceeded our expectations in successfully completing our home refinance in an efficient and timely manner. The timeliness became even more essential as the rates rose significantly a week or so after we applied for and locked-in our new loan. She took the time to answer all of our questions and kept us informed of the ongoing process and follow-up concerns by email and telephone. Our two prior refinances with a big bank were fraught with problems (even missing the rate lock deadline due to their ineptitude). Although somewhat apprehensive at first to work with a smaller company, we placed our confidence in Madeline and were not disappointed. Also, Linear’s rates and terms were better than the other companies we checked out and being close our home made providing all the required documentation / paperwork much easier.

Huntington Beach, CA

They made a very stressful process of purchasing a lot less stressful. They were knowledgable, responsive and worked well with everyone involved, including realtor, escrow and myself. Madeline answered all my questions knowledgeably and professionally as did her staff. I felt very comfortably dealing with them. I would definitely recommend them.


Our experience with linear was the most positive experience ever with a lender. My wife and I have done many mortgage loans over the years - both commercial and residential. Even being 100 miles from the linear office was not a problem as we had no trouble whatever with our transaction using email or reg mail. The responsiveness to our needs and requests were always dealt with quickly and with a great attitude.

La Mesa, CA

I must say that I fully trust madaline and her office. Very sweet. Nice person. Very patient and caring to my complicated needs for a loan. The experience shows. She help me feel comfortable with her honesty. As a person I know when some one is honest. And I'm good at asking questions that can tell me about others over the phone. I went through a lot of search by calling many other loan people. I say about 10 untiI finally meet Madaline. Very professional. Very caring.

Santa Clarita, CA

I have had the highest quality experience with Linear Home Loans, since my first encounter with them. This refinance has been the smoothest I have ever had. Madeline Lam was not only highly impressive on all of her handlings, but she was knowledgeable, helpful and responsive to every question that I had through the process. I would highly recommend Linear Home Loans if you are thinking of refinancing, purchasing, or whatever the need may be involving property, they are able to handle it with the highest grade of quality.

Pico Rivera, CA

Don Boop of Linear Home Loans guided me through a mortgage refinance process in a highly professional, knowledgeable, and timely manner. He made the whole process extremely smooth and hassle free. He is recommended to anyone in need of a highly qualified and proven mortgage expert.

Eric O.

Thanks to Ms. Madeline Lam and the entire staff at Linear Home Loan, I was able to refinance the mortgage on my home which will save me $280.00 a month for the next 30 years (loan closed November 30, 2011.) I am extremely happy to have secured an interest rate of 3.875% which is substantially lower than my current rate. I initially saw an ad in the LA Times advertising Linear Home Loan rates and immediately called the company to confirm their rates. I was already locked in and approved at an interest of 4.25% with by my current bank who has held the mortgage on my primary residence for the past 20 years, but I was disappointed with that rate because rates dropped significantly lower immediately after the bank locked me in for 90 days and refused to unlock and provide me with their lower advertised rate of between 4.0% and 4.125%. I never requested the lock-in; instead the loan officer automatically locked it without first consulting me. When I called Linear Home Loan, I was immediately directed to Ms. Madeline Lam and was I intrigued with her intense knowledge of the current state of the real estate market as well as her vast knowledge of matters that affect the manner in which interest rates fluctuate on a daily basis. Ms. Lam was not only able to gingerly convinced me and my wife that I would benefit greatly from their lower rates and minimal cost associated with the loan, but that her company would exercise all professional measures in their power to close the loan in an expeditious manner. They most certainly did! Every Linear Home Loan affiliate associated with this closing, including the escrow company and the notary public officer (document signor) were very courteous and professional in their respective roles. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Ms. Madeline and Linear Home Loan to anyone seeking professional assistance in obtaining favorable loan rates for purchase and/or refinance. I won’t hesitate to utilize her services in the future.

Patrick P.

Madeline Lam and immediate staff is great! Just finished a refinance and would recommend Linear Home Loans to anyone in a heartbeat. The process went smoothly and without any hiccups. Madeline and her staff provided me with all forms needed and i provided the information in a timely, if not immediate, manner. I mention this because often times we, the consumer, get frustrated with the process because we ourselves do not have our affairs in order. I contacted Linear on a Sunday morning in early June after reading their ad in LA Times. Madeline provided me, emailed, a list of documents I needed to have to get the ball rolling. I took some time to get documents and then, fortunately, was able to lock in an incredible rate a couple of months later. Madeline and her staff took care of me in an efficient manner as they walked me through the process and always made me aware of what the next step was. I shopped around with at least four different providers but always felt like something was not right/ up and up (?). I got a good vibe from Madeline as she was very straightforward. It was a pleasure working with her. I have shared my experience with a couple of teachers I work with. Hope this information helps you. They are very email friendly.

Aldo P.

Linear Home Loans just helped me refinanced my mortgage and saved me $280 a month for the next 30 years. They were able to get me the lowest APR (4.25% for a 30 year conforming jumbo loan) and processed the loan within a few weeks time. Don Boop was working till late at night and over the weekends too in order to close my loan before the deadline of September 29, 2011 when the Feds discontinued the program. I really appreciate all his help! If the interest rate drops even further, I will definitely contact Don again to do another refinancing. I know he can deliver what he promised.

Eunice L.

I conducted quite a bit of research before selecting Linear Home Loans to refinance my house. I made the right choice; so much so that there was no question who we would use when we decided to buy a home a few months later. Sandra Baughman was really on top of things. She ushered through our refinance smoothly and professionally. When I contacted her to let her know that we were going to buy another property and asked her about current programs available in this market, she directed me to HomePath. This turned out to be the right program for us. Her familiarity with how HomePath works was a real asset when the title company that Fannie May insisted on using was sluggish and unresponsive. Sandra proactively represented us. We had quite a few questions, and she and the team at Linear were always glad to help us understand the nuances of the loan. Mike and I have a lender for life.

Jan C.

I had Linear Homes Loans do a refi earlier this year on a non owner occupied property. Don Boop was knowledgeable and very professional. All documents were handled in a timely manner and closed on time. He knows how to judge the markets very well on assisting with a rate lock. I value his expertise and since rates went down again I decided to have them refi my primary residence which I had already refied in January with another company.I did not intend to do it again but the rates and costs were exceptional so I am currently doing another refi with them. They are the greatest.

Kathy Y.

I'm typically not the type of person that gives 5 star ratings, to anyone but the level of service, professionalism and knowledge Madeleine provided us justifies my ratings. Madeleine was a great comfort throughout the entire process. My wife and I were new to buying houses in the USA. As first-time home buyers we were nervous and unsure. Madeleine's extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles Market and her excellent negotiation tactics helped us land the perfect home. Madeleine always listened to what we were looking for and helped us find a great home in a great neighborhood, taking everything into consideration - from price to school districts to commute time, etc. Madeleine was always available to us - quick responses to voice mails, emails, questions, etc. She was always honest about locations, structures and possible concerns on things that I would never have thought about that .....it made me feel confident when she gave me her opinion that she wasn't just trying to force us into a house, but she wanted us to find the best home that was right for our family. Thank you Madeleine. You are amazing. We are so happy in our new home!!

Hilton L.

My Husband and I were first-time home buyers who knew very little about the mortgage process. We decided to join lending tree and unfortunately got many mortgage brokers calling us. We were however very fortunate to receive a call from Don, so thank you lending tree. From the moment I spoke with him I knew I was in good hands. He was very professional as well as confident and accommodating. He was very good about keeping us up-to-date on our loan, reassuring us along the way. He was very honest with us and I was impressed with his high integrity and professional standard. With his many years of experience he knew exactly what needed to be done and was able to get us closed in a very short period of time. He also was able to get us a great interest rate with low closing costs. I feel very fortunate to have used Don and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage consultant. He truly takes pride in his work and it shows!

Nicole L.

My personal experience: Conducting business with Linear Home Loans has been so eminent, that expressing my gratitude just in words alone will be inadequate. I had clients, who were declined by four different lenders/Banks. They were very devastated and had lost hope for purchasing their “DREAM HOME”. Well, at that time, I was referred to Linear Home Loans. Not only they qualified my clients; they closed their loan within 17 days. They also closed the seller’s loan within 15 days. Linear Home Loans is a lender who delivers with tenacity, integrity and compassion. They are very knowledgeable, courteous, most efficient, and will go many extra miles to fulfill their commitment. I highly recommend Linear Homes for your loan or refi needs. Please experience yourself - what a delight it is to work with Don Boop and Madeline Lam.

Anneta K. - SeaCliff Realty

We successfully re-finance our loan with Linear Home Loans and have received better than expected result. Our Loan Specialist Don Boop did an exceptional service and we have recommended him to our family and friends. Again much thanks to you and may you help others get the best rates and secure better financial future.

Ed P.

Linear Home Loans & Don Boop are the REAL DEAL! After Chase put me through the grind, I was feeling like I might not be able to complete the purchase contract that I was in. I contacted Don Boop who was positive and empathetic from our first conversation. After hearing my situation, Don assured me that he could get the loan funded. Don joined escrow in mid-stream and closed my loan in about 30 days. I can never say enough about Don's character, courtesy, honesty and commitment. My family and I are moving into our new home this Friday! We would NEVER have been able to close had it not been for Don's help, and after our experience, I'll never shop for another mortgage without checking with Don first. Quite simply, DON BOOP & LINEAR HOME LOANS ROCK! (Is it possible to give them SIX stars?)

Joseph E.

Madeline Lam is a first rate mortgage consultant! Thanks to Madeline, I was able to refinance my house in a timely manner, guided by her knowledge, expertise and compassion. She continually kept me informed, provided me with several options, and most importantly, gave me peace of mind as I accomplished the process of getting a new loan for my home. As an intelligent and experienced loan consultant, Madeline understands the pulse of the industry as she knows and shares up to the minute news, rates and policies. Madeline Lam cares about her clients! I feel very fortunate to have worked with Madeline, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing home loan services.

Karen S.

I refinanced a mortgage for a lower interest rate. Don Boop provided fast, professional and attentive service. The quoted rate and terms beat the competition and stayed true through the whole process. Don directly met my loan objectives without trying to sell financial products that I did not want. I was able to complete most of the correspondence and loan preparation paperwork through the convenience of email, yet he was readily accessible by phone whenever I needed clarification. I highly recommend you let Don compete for your business.

Mark B.

Our experience working with Don Boop of Linear Home loans has been positive. Don guided us through our home refinancing every step of the way. He listened to our requirements and presented a product that satisfied our needs. Don was patient and professional in all communication with him, and has been available to work with us on our schedule -- which sometimes meant talking on evenings and weekends. The loan we just closed on has terrific terms. We recommend Don Boop and Linear Home Loans without reservation. We plan to recommend him to friends and colleagues.

Jeff F.

I was looking for an amount for a Special Assessment. Don Boop worked with me and he was able to provide that plus he re-financed my loan amount and everything worked out great!

Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Don Boop of Linear Home Loans has done couple loans for me and his performance exceeds my expectations. He is prompt, friendly, honest, knowledgeable and is always willing to help/assist me. I had done many home loans in the past and Don is the best one I came across. I would certainly recommend him to anyone including my family members and friends.

Huntington Beach, CA

Chris Ling delivered what he had promised. He was always available to answer my questions and walked me through the process as this was especially important being a first-time home buyer.

South Bay, CA

Scott Moses was great in helping with the purchase of a short sale home. He was responsive and always available.

Palm Springs, CA

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